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How To Choose the Best Windows for Your Home

best windows

If you’re upside-down on your house, home improvement could solve your problem. Window replacement is a good choice, with a high return on investment. Buyers want new, reliable windows and pay premiums for homes that have them.

New windows also keep warmth in and heat out. They lower heating and cooling bills in most cases. Using less energy for home climate control also reduces your carbon footprint.

Deciding to get your windows replaced is a no-brainer. Picking the best windows for you is trickier. This windows buying guide makes brushing up on key window replacement tips quick and easy.

Consider Airflow Needs and Operability

Not everyone considers airflow from windows. Many rely on ceiling fans, floor fans, one-room air conditioners, or central air to avoid stillness. Plenty of those folks never use their windows!

Fans and AC are great for more air movement but you should still look at window ventilation and operability even if you use those things. First of all, building codes around the United States, including areas in Illinois, require operable egress windows. They let you escape and help emergency workers enter your home in case of fire or another danger.

Another reason to consider operable, or opening windows is to save money. Opening your windows instead of using AC to cool down when it’s not super hot out will lower your power bills. Having windows that open is a godsend when it’s hot and the power goes out.

Plus, operable windows are great for airing out your house when you burn food or something else stinks up the house.

Despite those reasons to get opening windows, some factors call for fixed windows, which are always closed. You have flexibility once you have enough operable windows for emergency requirements.

Awful allergies could make you want to seal your home off from the outside air. Or, you may live somewhere with an extreme climate you want to keep out.

Think About Protective Functions

You may not think of windows as protective home features, but some kinds serve the role.

Investing in bulletproof or hard-to-break windows may be wise if you live in a high-crime area and worry about gun violence…or just have neighbors with kids with a penchant for throwing baseballs into houses. Fixed windows can deter would-be burglars who want to avoid breaking glass, too.

Storm protection is another popular window feature. Some windows rate higher against high winds and debris than others.

Shutters including roll-down shutters, accordion shutters, Bermuda shutters, and louvered shutters are all popular protection from hurricanes. It’s lesser-known that many also work well as storm windows for tornadoes and other high winds.

There are also lighter kinds of protection to think of when you choose windows. If you have pets, looking into scratch-resistant glass and finish options is a good idea. Smudge-resistant options are handy for anyone with pets or kids, too.

Balance Outdoor Appeal and Indoor Enjoyment

Balancing outdoor appeal and inside enjoyment when you buy new windows is essential.

If you’re improving your windows because of energy savings or as an indoor upgrade, don’t sacrifice too much in terms of outside design or you might regret it.

Another thing to think about from an indoor perspective is that you can’t be too quick to pick a big picture window. The view and sunshine are well worth it to many…but weigh your privacy needs.

Those with lots of neighbors may not want open curtains and the whole block staring in. Also, think about whether you might get too much sunlight. It could get in your eyes depending on where the new windows are and make your house heat up faster in summer.

At the same time, when window replacement is part of a curb appeal project, don’t forget to pay attention to the way they look on the inside and the effects they have. For example, some window grid patterns and lattices that look quaint from the outside have shadows that could bother you or block views in a way that annoys you.

Reading all this, you might feel willing to put up with an annoyance or something a little unsightly. You might be OK with that but future home buyers may not be. Even if you’re not moving now, chances are high that you or your loved ones will sell your house in time and will benefit from better-looking windows both indoors and outdoors when you do.

Consider Unique Shapes and Decorative Features

Flat, rectangular windows are the typical window choice but broadening your horizons could be one of the best window replacement tips you get.

If you have a lot of wall space and are open to getting a larger window as a replacement, a sizable bay or bow window can open up a beautiful view and serve as a unique feature. Consider an arch-shaped or circular window for charm on a smaller scale.

Don’t want to play with shape? A garden window with space for potted plants might be a better decorative feature for you. Window frames with interesting engravings are also an option for the inside or the outside.

When choosing a replacement window for the bathroom, bedroom, or anywhere else you want privacy, consider wavy glass if you don’t want to use frosting film you have to reapply now and then. Putting new windows in lets you make privacy a permanent home feature.

When done with care, making unique choices for new windows can help you enjoy your house more and even raise your home value.

We’ll Install the Best Windows for You

Following this window replacement guide, your next new windows are sure to be the best windows for you.

When you’re ready to choose and need a window replacement firm in and around Plainfield IL, choose Amenity Windows & Doors Inc. We’re a local business dedicated to making your window replacement experience easy and hassle-free.

We can’t wait to set you up with the perfect set of windows for your needs. Request a consultation online, call us at 1-815-782-7166, or drop by our shop at 7178 Caton Farm Rd. in Plainfield. See you soon!


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