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bay windows
New Windows

The Benefits of Adding Bay Windows to Your Joliet Home

There’s something mysterious about bay windows, which trace their roots back to the 17th and 18th centuries, that draws people in. They are great additions to many homes by offering an airy and spacious quality. You can also add them to any room to allow more natural light in and make the room feel bigger.

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best windows
Window Replacement

How To Choose the Best Windows for Your Home

If you’re upside-down on your house, home improvement could solve your problem. Window replacement is a good choice, with a high return on investment. Buyers want new, reliable windows and pay premiums for homes that have them. New windows also keep warmth in and heat out. They lower heating and cooling bills in most cases.

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home window replacement
Window Replacement

Home Window Replacement: The Benefits of Hiring a Professional

The global windows and doors market reached a value of $153 billion in 2020. Windows don’t last forever, so there will always come a point where you need to replace yours. When this happens, many people ask whether they should have their home window replacement done by professionals, or if they should do it themselves. A

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