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The Benefits of Adding Bay Windows to Your Joliet Home

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There’s something mysterious about bay windows, which trace their roots back to the 17th and 18th centuries, that draws people in. They are great additions to many homes by offering an airy and spacious quality. You can also add them to any room to allow more natural light in and make the room feel bigger.

But what are bay windows exactly? This is simply a window space projecting outward from a wall forming a small bay inside the room.

Besides their functionality, bay windows have an aesthetic appeal. They are usually associated with ancient times and offer living rooms a more classic feel and a sense of elegance. The windows can also liven up living spaces, making them more comfortable for lounging or reading.

If you are thinking about adding bay windows to your home, it’s crucial to know the benefits that come with them. Here’s how these windows will benefit your living spaces.

1. More Natural Light

You can replace your existing window with a bay window for extra natural light. With this replacement, your home windows will get extra glass to bring in more light.

There won’t be a need to run electrical lights during the day. As a result, the new replacement windows will help you cut energy costs.

Bay windows also afford you the luxury of more exterior views. And as the sun streams inside your house through the windows, you get to enjoy a panoramic view of the outdoors. The beautiful views and increased light can boost your productivity and comfort in the house.

2. Added Space

The installation of a bay window in your house will allow some space to be added to your house. This is because the installers tend to bump out the way by about 36 inches. The measurements depend on the angles of the three bay windows.

Though 36 inches may seem little, they can add some space to your living rooms. Your home will appear bigger than it previously was.

You can set a table and chairs in the space created by the bay window. On the floor space, you’ll have more visual space to enjoy natural light coming to your house.

You’ll also have a view of the outdoors from your home, making it easier to transition between indoors and outdoors.

3. Additional Ventilation

Bay windows come in a variety of styles that you can consider depending on the design of your home. You can go for either a stationary side window whose glass panes don’t open or a movable side one if you want more ventilation in your house. The movable side window can be adjusted at any time to allow air to flow into your rooms.

The side windows on the bay window tend to project out at a specific angle. This is to afford you multiple ventilation configurations when using the window.

For instance, you can open both of them to enjoy the breeze being introduced into the rooms. You can also open only one window to let in air and prevent wind gusts.

Another variation of a bay window is the double-hung window, which opens from top to bottom.

4. Increased Energy Efficiency

With a bay window installed on your property, you can enjoy warmer living spaces regardless of the temperatures that are outside. Investing in an energy-efficient one is a sure way to keep the cold out and the heat in while cutting on energy bills.

Consider bay windows built from innovative technologies since they are highly energy efficient. You can count on them to reduce energy transfer between the outside surroundings and your home’s interior.

Your options for energy-efficient bay window frames include vinyl frames, low-E insulating glass, and multiple pane glass. Frames made of vinyl tend to be durable and tough enough to protect your home against energy loss.

You may also consider a bay window with insulating glass to cut energy bills. The insulating glass comprises a thin coating designed to protect your property against excessive heat in the summer and heat loss in winter.

5. Increased Interior Design Options

You can customize the look of your home with bay windows installed at different places. The new windows will give you more space and extra ways to show off your decor.

You may decide to add a cozy seat to the bay window installed in your bedroom. A custom window seat will also pair well with the space left below the window.

Bay windows also rhyme well with kitchens. For instance, you may transform your kitchen space into a breakfast nook by adding chairs and a bistro table. And if you are an avid reader, adding a bookshelf and comfy accent chair by the window will be appealing.

6. Gives Your Home a Classic Appeal

Bay windows were first used in the 17th and 18th centuries to improve the look and feel of living spaces. You can use them in the present to give your home a timeless appeal. When doing this, ensure that the decor is within the color and style choices of the window.

Opt for stylish windows with both modern and ancient appeal. Find a style that complements your home’s decor while giving off that 17th-century look and feel.

7. Increased Resale Value

Adding a bay window to your home can help increase its resale value if you intend to sell it. This is because windows are among the top structural features of a home that draw potential buyers in. If your windows are appealing enough, you stand a chance of getting an offer on the house.

Historically, many have associated bay windows with a kind of luxury since they leave a stylish statement behind. They are also noticeable from afar and stand out from other window styles.

Buy Bay Windows Online from Amenity Windows

Whatever your reason for adding bay windows to your home, you get to enjoy the benefits discussed in this guide. Your home will be the center of attraction and attract more prospective buyers if you plan on selling it.

Trust Amenity Windows with your window installation and replacement needs. Our services cater to residential homeowners looking to turn their homes around with new window additions. Talk to a window contractor today to get started.


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