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This Is How to Choose the Best Front Door for Your Home

best front door

Are you ready to upgrade your front door? The front door of your house gets far more exposure than any other area. It’s where you say hello to loved ones, hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, and take in the festive carols.

A home’s front door can reveal a lot about who lives there. When deciding on the best front door for your house, there are many options to consider in terms of appearance (double, paneled, and arched) and structure (wood, fiberglass, metal).

The decision-making process for choosing an entryway might be intimidating, but lucky for you, we have some practical considerations to help the process. Read on to learn how we can help you find the perfect front door for your home!

Before You Buy a Front Door

It is normal for front doors to have a long lifespan, but sometimes they must get replaced. You may be able to restore the door’s original appearance by repainting or re-staining it.

However, the need for a new door may also be due to warping, rusting, weather damage, or the desire to update the style. Measure the size of the door you’re replacing before doing any comparison shopping. 

Standard Front Door Sizes

The dimensions of the front doors don’t vary all that much. That’s fantastic news for homeowners because it should be easy to find the style you want in the size needed.

A front door should be 36″ x 80″ or around 3′ x 6’7.” Beyond this, you can get external door sizes that range from 30″ to 96″ in width and height.

The common size for a double-door entryway is 72″ x 80″, which is twice as wide as a single front door while remaining the same height. Make sure you are careful to gauge the thickness of the door you now have. Most exterior doors have 1-3/4 inches of thickness.

How to Measure for a Front Door

Taking measurements is always a smart idea rather than only relying on the assumption that the front door’s conventional size would fit. The simplest method to do this is to take the height and width of your current front door.

Remember to take an accurate measurement of the door frame’s depth, also known as the jamb. The typical frame depth measurements are 4-9/16″ and 6-9/16″. 

Front Door Styles

Your front door should complement the architectural style of your house as a whole. Your front entrance should be distinctive for the right reasons, not the wrong ones. The external architectural design of your property determines this.

However, you can use this as a chance to allow this aspect to reveal something about you. Do you lean toward the conventional? The traditional six-panel door may be the best option for you.

Are you more imaginative? Maybe a stained-glass door with a beautiful artistic design. 

A look that emphasizes and renews the exterior of your home without clashing is something to think about once you’ve decided on size and material. Feel free to express yourself through the variety of front door colors available; there is something out there for everyone. 

Choose the Correct Size

A single door should often be between 32″ and 36″ wide. Is your entrance standard, or will it need something more substantial, such as a 42′′ extra-wide single door? There are double doors available beyond that measurement.

Also, keep in mind that an entryway may consist of more than just the door itself and that decorative components such as glazed transom or sidelites need suitable framing to be supported. You may need a double-entry door if the entryway space is too large for a standard-sized door and also needs an additional component, such as a sidelite. The door’s size will affect its price, so keep that in mind as you choose which front door to buy. 

Front Door Materials

Most modern doors are made of fiberglass, wood, or steel. Here is a breakdown of each:


Fiberglass composite doors are cost-effective and long-lasting. They are best suited to tough regions because they can last years without needing touch-ups. Foam cores are often present in fiberglass doors, making them great insulators against the elements.


The natural beauty of wood is not matched by other materials, yet it is neither cheap nor simple to obtain. Wood doors need inspection at least once a year because it is sensitive to sunlight and moisture. Modern wood doors often consist of a core of wood or steel sandwiched between two veneers to lower the cost and minimize any warping.


Steel can dent but is sturdy and won’t crack or warp. Auto-body repair kits can correct minor damage, but front door replacement may be needed for large dents.

A steel door can have excellent energy efficiency, depending on the core. But because steel conducts heat, harsh conditions won’t be the best for its performance. Steel is one of the least expensive solutions but has a shorter lifespan as a trade-off.

Front Door Durability

As it is the entrance to your home, your front door should be sturdy, provide security to deter possible intruders, and withstand whatever weather your region experiences. Some doors require less maintenance than others, such as those that are fade-resistant or scratch- and dent-resistant. 

The Costof Entry Doors

There are upfront and ongoing costs associated with buying a front door, just like with most home improvements. Make sure you are well informed on the door you are choosing’s energy efficiency, maintenance needs, and life expectancy. All of those factors affect how much it will end up costing to maintain your home’s front door. 

Where to Shop for the Best Front Door

Buying the best front door is a significant and expensive component of your home; therefore, choosing one shouldn’t be taken lightly. Decide on the design you want to use to highlight your property by taking the time to look at front door options both online and in-store. We can help you through the decision-making process.

We can provide a solution for any budget. You will receive the same honest service we provide to all our customers whether you visit our showroom or choose our online site. Contact us or check out our Blog section for helpful information.


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