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Knock, Knock, Anyone Home?: How to Choose the Best Front Door Material

best front door material

When choosing the best front door material, you want a door that will protect your house, stand up against all types of weather, and fit in with the aesthetic of your home. 

Meeting all of these criteria is not always an easy task to accomplish. And with so many different materials available to choose from, you might not even know you’ve made the wrong choice until it’s too late.

Below is a complete list of the types of front door materials available to you, and the benefits of each one. Keep reading to find out how to choose a front door material that’s right for you. 

1. Wood

It’s hard to beat the old classics, and a wooden front door truly is the perfect nostalgic entryway. Wood is well known for its exceptional insulation ability, keeping your home warm and cool as you require. 

Just because wood is timeless doesn’t mean it hasn’t evolved with modern home architecture. Easy to paint and shape, a wooden front door will allow you to get creative and show the world what your home says about you. 

You’ll probably know just how strong wooden doors are, so they’re perfect for those seeking extra protection and reinforcement for their house. 

2. Fiberglass

A durable, energy-efficient option, fiberglass front doors are increasingly popular for new front doors or front door replacement. 

Fiberglass is also a material that won’t drown you in maintenance costs. Its strength in the face of all knocks and bumps means repairs are generally non-existent. 

Another great feature of fiberglass front doors is that they are so versatile. They offer you as the homeowner the chance to pick and choose which style works for you. This gives you the ultimate sense of creative freedom for your home. 

3. Composite

Whilst you may not know what a composite door is, you’ve seen one before. They’re simply a combination of different types of materials, such as timber or reinforced plastic, that offer greater protection and durability. 

One of the main benefits of composite front doors is how they look. Depending on the materials used, they’re often eye-catching and will make your home attention-grabbing. 

But, don’t let the visual appeal of composite doors make you think they compromise protection. They’re often amongst the most durable and strong doors that will withstand all weather. 

Composite front doors are also super low maintenance. They will keep their beauty and style for decades without damage. 

4. Glass

Modern home architecture seeks to increase the amount of natural light getting inside. Natural light lifts the mood and will make your home feel warm and welcoming even on duller days. 

Naturally, glass is the perfect material to allow as much light as possible to filter into your home. You’ll love the expansion this natural light gives to each room right at the entrance of your house. 

Glass does allow for excess heat to enter your home, so homeowners should always think about this when deciding upon a glass door. What works for many is a half-glass front door.

This is a common style in which a door essentially has glass windows but is mostly made from a different material, such as wood. The combination of these two materials benefits homeowners. 

5. Steel 

One of the best features of a steel front door is its ability to be energy efficient. Steel is an incredibly insulating material, which will reduce your energy costs. 

By helping to regulate the temperature of your home, you’ll enjoy warmer winters and cooler summers. 

As you can imagine, steel doors offer an exceptional level of security. They’re strong not only against harsh weather but against anyone trying to enter your home without your consent. 

Steel front doors are also very durable, and replacement or repair isn’t likely to be needed. A front door should be the part of your home you trust the most, and a steel door certainly won’t let you down. 

6. PVCu

PVCu front doors are great for homeowners who can’t make up their minds about what they want! Manufacturers are now able to customize these kinds of doors to give you the look, shape, and finish you desire. 

Another great feature of PVCu doors is the protection they will provide you with. They are light in nature, but exceptionally strong and should hold up against even the most determined intruders. 

Front doors made from PVCu don’t require a huge amount of maintenance thanks to their durability. They can maintain their pristine condition for years without requiring replacement or repair. 

7. Aluminum 

Aluminum is a great material for any front door. These kinds of doors are exceptionally strong and will keep the weather outside your home where it belongs.

Aluminum doors suit modern homes particularly well. They are contemporary and almost futuristic in appearance. Perfect for any modern art lover! 

For those more environmentally conscious homeowners, aluminum is an excellent material to work with. It is completely recyclable, so if you ever have to replace your front door, you can do so guilt-free.

But, with the amazing durability of aluminum doors, replacing them will not be a worry you really have to consider. 

The Best Front Door Material Really Depends On Your Needs

If you’re searching for the best front door material, you need to trust that you’ll choose one that works for your home. Many new homeowners underestimate the importance of choosing the right material for their new front door.

As the entrance to a house, a front door is truly is one of your home’s most important features. By choosing the right material, you’ll get a door that not only protects your home’s interior but also lets the outside world know what you want your home to be.

For some extra advice on choosing the best front door material for you, have a look at the contact us today. You’ll get more information on the various pros and cons of specific materials, and be able to reach out to our team with any questions. 


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