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Patio Door: What Are the Different Types?

patio door

Patio doors are among the best complimentary aesthetic designs you can get for your home. Their design is simple, which means it fits with the decor of any room it’s in. 

The sliding feature of most patio doors is also an excellent space-saver. Since the door doesn’t swing out, you don’t need to account for objects being in the way. 

One of the best features of patio doors is all the natural light they let enter a room. It makes the space feel warmer and brighter and helps create the illusion of space. 

If you’re in the market for a patio door, there are many types to choose from. Here are some of the most popular designs. 

Hinged Patio Door

Hinged patio doors are also known as French doors. They’re a popular option because they are durable and provide excellent security. The doors are sold in twos and threes, but only one of the doors opens. 

The other door is essentially just a window. 

There are models of hinged doors that do swing open. One of the most notable features of hinged doors is the many smaller panels in the glass. In most designs, you can have as few or as many panels as you want. 

French door sizes vary from 30 to 72 inches. The sizes increase in two-inch increments. 

Custom-size doors are possible for unique entryway sizes. They will be more expensive than regular-sized doors, however. 

French door borders are most often made out of wood, aluminum, or vinyl. There are also many colors to choose from for these materials as well. 

As far as security goes, hinged doors are some of the most secure patio doors you’ll find. They come with a deadbolt and a knob lock. Since they operate on a hinge system, they are quite durable since there aren’t many moving parts. 

You should contact a professional to install hinged doors for you in most cases unless you have prior experience installing doors. 

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the best option if you’re short on space, whether it’s indoors or out. Since they don’t swing open, the doors hardly need clearance to work. Furniture and other objects can sit close to the door as long as there is enough room for people to walk through the opening.

Most sliding door models are 60 to 72 inches in size. If you need them smaller or larger than these sizes, there are options available. There are also dual sliding doors, which use two different mechanisms to allow the doors to open. 

For this feature, you will have to pay extra, plus the installation fees.

Unlike French doors, they don’t have the same kind of security because the locking mechanism is simple. There are a couple of ways to further reinforce the door, however.

A bar can go in the sliding track to prevent anyone from opening the door. A removable bolt can go through the bottom of the door to accomplish the same thing. 

Sliding doors are also less durable. If the door suffers damage or suffers a blow that displaces it on the track, it won’t open as easily. The sliding mechanism also requires maintenance to ensure it works.

You will need to oil the mechanism every so often to help make it slide smoothly. 

Screen doors are a common addition to sliding screen doors. They help keep bugs out while letting in a cool breeze from outside. 

Since they are on a track, you can leave the door open without worrying about the wind blowing it closed like a hinged door.

Sliding doors are easier to install than hinged doors, but if it is done incorrectly, the sliding feature won’t work as it should. It’s best to hire a professional to handle this.

Bifold Patio Door

The bifold patio door is a unique design that folds open like an accordion. Like sliding doors, they are a great option for rooms and spaces that do not have a lot of space for swinging doors. They fold in on themselves when fully open and also provide a unique design choice to accentuate the room’s decor. 

If you live in a modern-style home, these are excellent choices for you to consider. Many bifold door designs also have a hinged door so you can open only one part of the door without opening the entire thing.

A feature they share with hinged doors is the dual-lock system. They provide great security without the swinging feature the former has. 

The doors are a great accompaniment for wide openings. They also provide a panoramic view of whatever you look out on. 

Bifold doors are most often made from aluminum, vinyl, or glass. 

Bifold doors are also the largest style of patio door since they are for wide spaces and fold in on themselves. They range in size from 70 to 96 inches. 

As far as durability goes, they share that quality with sliding doors. Since they sit on a track, they run into the same issues as sliding doors. 

This style of patio door installation is difficult and definitely should only be left to a professional.  

Quality Door and Window Designs

The patio door is a simple design choice that affords great opportunities for your home. They tend to be great for space-saving and security as well. If you need new patio doors or windows, give Amenity Doors & Windows a call.

They have options for doors and windows that will match whatever aesthetic you want for your home. With so many different options to choose from, we’re sure we’ll find the right style for you.


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