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What Are the Benefits of Storm Windows at Your Home?

storm windows

Do you ever feel a draft come through the windows of your older home? Or maybe, you’re tired of the number of times a storm or stray ball had broken your window.

Window replacements are kind of expensive. While replacing one is doable, replacing a few that have been damaged can cause your wallet to hurt. This may be a problem if you have other repairs in your house that need to be prioritized. 

However, there is an alternative that you can consider. Install storm windows.

These panels will protect your main windows from any more damage. Additionally, they will help keep your home more insulated.

By installing storm windows, you get more advantages than just protection. Read on to find out what storm windows are and how they can help you protect your home. 

What Are Storm Windows? 

Storm windows are panels that you can fix either on the outside or inside your existing main window. The installation of your storm window outside or inside will depend on the type of the main window you have.  

The best storm windows are made with durable materials such as glass, rigid plastic, or softer, more flexible plastic.  Storm windows tend to last for about 10 years or longer depending on the material that you choose. 

After some wear and tear over the years, all you have to do is replace these panels to keep your home safe.

Benefits of Storm Windows 

Thunderstorms in Illinois are very common and can occur during all seasons. Illinois homeowners would do well to consider getting storm windows.

By doing so, you protect your house and those who live in it. You also get to save costs on repairs for your windows. This means that you can focus your budget on fixing other parts of your house that would need more attention. 

Storm windows do more than just protect your home. As you read on, you’ll see a list of the benefits of having storm windows. 


During a thunderstorm, winds can become too strong. Storm windows provide a layer of protection from the flying debris that gets flung around during a storm. 

Aside from natural disasters, storm windows serve as protection from potential break-ins. The extra layer of durable material can serve as a deterrent from any hopeful criminals. 

Nowadays, newer houses install storm windows as a precaution. Older houses are more damage-prone and often do not have this layer of protection. 

If your house is older, you may want to consider upgrading your windows with trusted window replacement experts. 

Good Insulators

One of the main purposes of a window is to insulate your home. During extreme seasons such as winter or summer, the last thing you’d want is for the heat or cool air to leave your house. 

Storm windows help provide multiple layers of insulation.

The main window panel is only one layer of insulation. The storm window panel would be the second layer of insulation. Meanwhile, the air between these two panels would serve as a third layer of insulation.

UV Protection

UV light can be extremely damaging to the interior of your house. Paint, flooring, and furniture can be altered just by leaving them out in the sun for long periods. 

However, it is impossible to just close the curtains all the time. 

As a solution, you can tint your home windows to reduce UV exposure. However, that might not be best for older homes, where you’d want to keep certain designs on the windows. 

By installing storm windows, you get to add that tinted layer to the storm window panel. By doing so, you protect your house interior from UV light and you get to retain your home’s original windows. 


Storm windows help reduce the amount of outside noise that gets into your home. This is extremely helpful to those who live near loud areas such as a highway or a railway. 

On the other hand, storm windows help you keep your privacy. Sounds from inside the house remain in the house. 


The extra insulation that storm windows provide will help you save money on energy costs. The extra layers prevent more air from escaping. This helps keep your house at a steady temperature no matter the season.  


One of the most effective ways you can save money and still upgrade your home is by installing storm windows. 

Certain types of windows are more expensive than others.

For example, imagine that you want to reduce energy costs. Replacing each window in your house with energy-efficient windows can be very expensive. Storm windows insulate your home well enough and they are cheaper to install.

Additionally, the costs of installing storm windows will only be dealt with once every 10 or more years. 

Lower the Cost of Your Insurance

Being a homeowner is both rewarding and costly. Homeowner insurance, for example, is one of the expenses you can expect. The cost of your insurance can either skyrocket or stay stable depending on the features of your house. 

By having storm windows installed, you get to decrease the amount of money you pay for homeowner’s insurance. This is a great long-term investment especially if you live in a high-risk area. 

House Value Increased

Storm windows protect your main windows, insulate your house for a lesser cost and ensure that you’re comfortable. All of these benefits will increase your house value should you decide to sell it. 

Buyers will see that the house is well taken care of and will be more interested in making an offer. 

Hire a Professional Now 

To get the full benefits of storm windows, the window specialists you hire must have the windows you want as well as the experience and skill to install them. 

We at Amenity Windows & Doors Inc. guarantee that our showrooms feature only the best quality windows within your budget. Our window specialists ensure that each window installation is done with craftsmanship and care. 

Ready for a storm window installation? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. 


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